Week of 11/7/11: Workouts, upcoming races, NYCM,

Hi Folks,

This week’s notes: (I’ll be updating during the week)…Those running CIM (less than a month to go) have their last longer run this weekend; some can do two medium runs and include the Clarksburg Half on Sunday. I’m also going to meet with a group of you for some Saturday or Sunday track 4-6 mile tempo runs and mile repeats in near future….THIS SUNDAY, 7 a.m. last long run from Rancho Nicasio and 13 miler for those who are not doing CIM… Remember to check upcoming races this month in Looking Ahead section..

UPDATE on 11/7/11…VOTING important to support trustees who got our COM Track repaired.

PLEASE SAY “THANK YOU” WITH YOUR VOTE!  Please vote for the reelection of College of Marin Trustees Eva Long and Jim Namnath, who were stalwart supporters of the successful effort to save the COM track.  In December 2011, two years after disclosure of the initial plan to permanently demolish the track, COM will complete the renovation of this vital facility, which is central to the college’s athletic programs and is the only such facility in Southern Marin that is nearly-always open to the community.  While some other board members were openly hostile to public opinion, viewing it as a challenge to their authority, Trustees Long and Namnath understood the alignment of public interest and the long-term needs of the college.  Unfortunately, Long and Namnath were unsuccessful at convincing COM to allocate the small amount of additional funds necessary to finish the track with the surface that is most long-lived and modularly repairable (and therefore less likely to once again fall into disrepair).  But we citizens of Marin are thankful for what they did accomplish in saving the COM Track, and more broadly, consistently standing up for the most fiscally prudent long-term solutions.  Show your gratitude by voting for Eva Long and Jim Namnath — and by spreading the word.  Votes for newcomer Jack Wilkonson, whose priorities align with those of Long and Namnath, would also benefit the cause of fiscal responsibility and responsiveness to the community interest.  I just read the item, “Please say thank you with your vote” on your website.  I am not a member of your group, but I am writing to you as a 24-year former member of the College of Marin board.  For too many years the majority of the college board members chose to operate in a vacuum with no regard for meeting the needs of the external community.  Jim Namnath and Eva Long have fought long and hard to have community needs recognized as part of the decision-making process at College of Marin.  They were verbally attacked and derided by some board members, but did not falter and continued to reach out and listen to a wide range of diverse opinions.  I was very glad to see your group supports Jim and Eva, two committed and hardworking board members.  Our college and our community are very lucky to have them representing us.   Would you please contact your members and ask them to send letters to the Marin IJ and the weekly Marin papers expressing support for the re-election of both Jim Namnath and Eva Long.  The entire community should know how they have earned your support.  Thank you, Phyllis Metcalfe, COM board member 1979 – 2003

RESULTS:  Eve Kuhlman finisher her Florida Ironman in 16:30:55 and managed 11th in 55+ division. Some results from US Half Marathon on 11/6/11. Dave Champagne, 1:54:03 and 5th in division; Gayle Shimokaji 1:56:08, 7th in div, Kevin Porter, 2:13:33. Times were affected due to having to run out/back on only the West side of GG Bridge which made for stops, one-person wide traffic for much of that stretch. Oh well….. ..NYCMarathon held on 11/5/11 had 47, 107 runners ( a record) running on a perfect day. Top three finishers broke the decade old record of 2:07:46 with Boston record setter (2:03:02), Geoffrey Mutai, knocking substantial time off the CR with a 2:05:06! (this is not a fast course).

11/8/11. TUESDAY 6:30 a.m. TEMPO from China Camp’s Buck’s Landing pull-off area.

11/8/11 TUESDAY 9 a.m. HILL REPEATS Meet at Log Cabin off Tenn Valley Road. We will do a varied series of hill repeats: we have PA XCountry final coming up on 11/2011 !  ALSO, next Tuesday I thought we’d meet for RRG – partial course this time. Go up RRG, left at Double Bow Knot to head to Mt. Home Inn, meet you there to give ride bike; others who want to continue on Sun Trail to Windy Gap and back on Dipsea to Mill Valley have that option..

11/9/11 WEDNESDAY 8:45 a.m. MADISON AVE GYM workout at Warren’s house at #148 Madison Ave, two blocks from Civic Center off N. San Pedro Rd (turn left on Washington Ave)…

11/10/11 THURSDAY 9 a.m. group meet at Ross Common for 7M course mixed with Tempo runs / hill repeats over dirt terrain.

11/12/11 SATURDAY 8 a.m. ED’s TRACK SESSION at Novato HS (unless football game going on; then he moves it to San MArin HS).

8 x 600 (200) at faster than 5K race goal pace.

11/12/11 SATURDAY and 11/13/11 SUNDAY weekend. Last Long run (or 22 in two days) before CIM.

SUNDAY, 11/13/11. Long Run: RANCHO NICASIO LOOP 21.25M at 7 a.m. from Rancho Nicasio and also I can drive those of you who want to do 13Miles to start at Samuel Taylor bike path.


11/13/11 CLARKSBURG HALF MARATHON at 9:20 a.m. at Delta HS, Clarksburg (off 99). This is the PA Half Marathon Championships race, so if you show up, your efforts count towards team scoring! Fast flat course. Go to: http://www.Clarksburgcountryrun.com for details.

11/20/11 PA CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS in GG Park. Women 4M: 9 a.m, Master Men6M: 9:45 a.m., Open Men6M: 11 a.m. Near Polo Fields : Lindley Meadow/30th Ave off JFK Drive.Let’s get as many of the group for this good all dirt terrain race – and it counts for club scoring..

11/24/11 MARIN COUNTY TURKEY TROT 8:30 a.m. at IVC. Jason needs 30 volunteers to put this on. Contact him at jjacobson6000@gmail.com.

Start.  College of Marin – Indian Valley Campus, NovatoJoin us for our 11th year of hosting the only Thanksgiving Day road race in Marin County. The newly named “Marin County Turkey Trot” will host a new format of races in 2011. Challenge yourself with your choice of either the Pilgrim 5K or Indian 10K distances. Or if having fun is your goal then the Gobbler Mile run/walk is back for its 11th year!http://www.marinruns.com/11th-annual-marin-county-turkey-trot.html Allow yourself some guilt-free indulgence this Thanksgiving Day by spending the morning burning off the calories you will replace later with pumpkin pie. The Youth Gobbler 1 Mile and Turkey Trot 5K are run cross country style on the trails of Marin’s Open Space. The new and improved Pilgrim 10K is an out and back through the beautiful IVC campus and along Ignacio Blvd. So register early, this race really fills up, and your apple cider will taste especially yummy as you drink it from your finishers mug.

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Week of 10/31/11: Workouts…

Hi folks,
We have rain coming this week and weekend so get out the winter clothing so you don’t miss workouts due to a little rain. I suggest Long Run Saturday because rain very likely due in Sat night and Sunday am. Be ready!….Look Ahead section below alerts you to upcoming races that will help score for Tamalpa teams and serve as excellent time trials…(11/13/11, 11/20/11, 11/27/11)….Note that ED’s TRACK SESSION on Saturday is at San Marin HS.
> UPDATES:See if you can tape “Marathon Boy” on HBO, the story of a young 3 year-old boy runner from India who’s created quite a sensation and his coach highly criticized. Kid has run 48 marathons by age 5, plus a 42 miler in 90 degree heat at about age four….
will be on shown on NBC Sports Sunday night with a two hour piece of coverage. For $2.99 you can also purchase the Marathon Mobile App from ITunes Appstore and follow the leaders or runners you know live on race day! Amazing!

ALERT! Friday night about 9:45 pm, I’m putting stuff in van when I hear sharp animal noises across the street. What do I see? A coyote making off with a very large cat; stopping and shaking it, then moving on. I chased it down on my bicycle, He’s still shaking it, then drops it on a neighbor’s lawn as I get close to him, but was too late to save the cat. Very disturbing to see this take place. Humane Society came, the lady examined the cat, found a microchip so the owners could be notified. I pedaled home, but saw the coyote hanging around and chased it down the street. But the message is – pets are fair game for the coyotes and they do come right into the neighborhoods!

> ON SALE at ARCH RIVAL: Men/Women’s <Asics 2160 for $79.95, a good number in AA’s for women and B’s for men. Also women’s CUMULUS and we have the FIVE FINGER VIBRAMS 15% off: great for minimalist running shoes and for gym workouts.

11/1/11 TUESDAY. TEMPO at 6:30 a.m. from CHINA CAMP ( Buck’s Landing pull-off area). do 2M warm-up then 1.5m T / .5 E; repeat 2 more times.

11/1/11. TUESDAY. 9 a.m. TRACK. Meet at Log Cabin.Do warm-up up to soccer field, turn around and head to track. We’ll do a speedwork session then head back to log cabin for finish. 2 x 200 (200), 4x 400 (2′, 2 1/2′), 1 x 800 (400 ), 4 x 400 (2′, 2 1/2′), 2 x 200 (200)…

11/2/11. WEDNESDAY 8:45 a.m.MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s house/garage as usual.

11/3/11 THURSDAY 8:50/ go by 9 a.m. TEMPO/HILL INTERVALs. Meet at Ross Common. Usual warm-up to Phoenix Lake, then we start the pickups and recovery runs.

11/5/11. SATURDAY 8 a.m. ED’s TRACK SESSION at SAN MARIN Hs. same workout as Tuesday.

11/5/11. SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. KEES’s HILL REPEATS/EXERCISES. Warm-up 7’ish and be ready by 7:30 a.m. for the hill repeats and useful exercises mixed in repeats; a little changed format. Meet across from the west side of Ngate Shopping Center by Villa Marin entry road (hill). Do your warm-up run, limbering up before we go for our timed workout at 7:30 a.m.

1) JUMPING JACKS x 35: Sprint – Short – Half – Long
2) BURPEES x 12: 2 x Short – 2 x Sprint
3) R/L SIDE PLANK LEG RAISES x 8: Sprint, Half, Short – Sprint
4) R/L x8 DB SNATCHES: Short – Sprint -Short -Sprint
5) MTN CLIMBERS x 20: Half – 3 x Sprint

11/5/11 Sat and 11/6/11 Sunday: LONG RUN weekend for CIM group...20-21M..We’ll work on location later this week; I can help with providing aid on the Nicasio Loop course or the YMCA alternative…Seems some folks are on track with my long run schedule (which you should do Saturday as Sunday will be rainy), while others are on the two medium day routine. Either way, get in 21 over the weekend.

11/13/11 CLARKSBURG HALF MARATHON is part of the PA Grand Prix Circuit and offers a flat course. So if you need a half marathon tempo run this one does it nicely. I recommend carpooling to the event. This will be Gayle S’s practice for Boston/Big Sur marathons by doing two half marathons in two weeks. Go Gayle!

11/20/11 PA CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS in GG Park. I encourage you to run this last one in the Park: it’s local, will feature a double loop dirt terrain course and many teams! The more Tamalpans we get out there, the more fun for all it will be. I repeat you don’t have to be “championship” material to enjoy this XC type of running: it’s more fun on dirt, a good change from the roads and a test of running strength. Put this one on the Calendar.

11/27/11 TCRS #10: REDWOOD HIGH 5K starting at Redwood HS, 9 AM. I encourage you to get in this excellent 5K time trial race as a test of your fitness. Isn’t it great timing on a Holiday weekend? Work off that turkey! It starts at the HS, and is an out/back course on the Larkspur bike path.

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Week of 10/24/11: Workouts, updates, results

Hi Folks,
I’ll be updating in bits and pieces as I have a tight schedule, so bear with me.
No Saturday Hill Repeats due to working Johnnie Lawson Run – which most all of you should be running for XC practice and your team! Then do your 10-13 next day since we are on the two medium day runs weekend for CIM runners…REEBOK CROSSFIT GAMES championships will be on tonight and Thursday for the men on ESPN 2 (ch 39?)A bit extreme but hits every aspect of fitness. The Crossfit participation explosion is certainly in full swing. I like using Crossfit to balance out our running program – but with way less volume! My goal with you who do weight train with me and Warren is to balance out the muscular weaknesses, build high tensile strength while keeping bodyweight down and save the endurance emphasis for running and triathlons. That’s why we have a few exercises mixed in with my Saturday Hill Repeats (20 reps or more).

RESULTS: from some past events:
A week ago SHARI TRACY had an excellent Sprint triathlon with a 1:12:44 (S11:28/B37:31/R20:36) a 4′ PR! gave her a masters win and 2nd overall on hilly course…At Humboldt Half Marathon Tamalpa women took it 1-2-3 in 45-49 division! Val Young (46 overall/1st div 1:20:53; 75/2 Liz Shortino in 1:29:37; 86/3rd Kathy Herzog 1:33:26…Emilee Goldberg did 82/2nd in 35-39 with a 1:32:30. ..18/1 Brian Pilcher, 55 won 55-59 in 1:13:08!, 48/5 Tom O’Reilly 1:20:55…Hans Schmid, 71 1:35:31 won his division…7 a.m. group runner, Erik Yergensen, 27 ran 1:20:38…Anna B and Florencia ran the Whiskeytown 50K ultra: Anna got 1st in her div and Florencia was 3rd – and I think 4th overall in the women!

10/25/11. TUESDAY 6:30 a.m. TEMPO/Levees </strong>run. Meet at McInnis parking lot for run by levees and ponds with pickups. However, if darkness is a problem after this Tuesday session, we’ll switch it to China Camp every Tuesday until Spring…we’ll be able to mix up the workouts there between road and trail sessions.

10/25/11. TUESDAY 9 a.m. HILL REPEATS. Meet at Tenn Valley dirt parking/hiking area lot for some mileage and hill repeats.

10/26/11. WEDNESDAY 8:45 a.m. “MADISON AV GYM workout” be ready for different routine. Get in the warm-up so we can hit it with the watch and workout at 9 a.m.: won’t take long…Anytime you come early: do jumping jacks, burpees, halos, strap stretches, some light swings so you’re ready to go. After this new workout (with exercises you know), get in Deadlifts 2 x 3 heavy and 3 R/L TGU.

10/27/11 THURSDAY 9 a.m. we leave from Ross Common for CRUISE INTERVALS in Phoenix lake area on our 7M course.

10/29/11 SATURDAY 8 a.m. ED’s TRACK SESSION at Novato HS (Ed will let me know if site changes due to football game).
A/B gps: 2 rounds of: 1000 (200), 600 (200), 400 (on 2′, 2 1/2′); 200 (200).

10/29/11. SATURDAY 9 am – Women, 10 am Masters, 11 am Open Men for the JOHNNY LAWSON CHALLENGE in the Marin Headlands near Ft. Cronkite area (see Tamalpa Runners.org site for details).This is a good XC to do for speed-work, supporting Tamalpa teams and still gives you time to add some miles after and/or run the next day for your 10 miler. I’ll see you on the finish line.

Weekend of: 10/29 – 10/30:
Two Medium days: Sat 10M , then 10-12 on Sunday for the over 20 miles in two days. Some of you are a bit opposite on the weekend schedule and are doing 20 miles this weekend..For example, Cynthia will leave from Mollie Stones, Sausalito at 7 am for her 20 miler to Tiburon and back. I’m encouraging some of you who need to keep their 13 milers as base for 5K/10K and general endurance to join her for part of the run. You can contact her at ccaratan1@gmail.com about planning the route splits.

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Week of 10/17/11: Workouts for this week..

Hi Folks,
Lots of running action during the beautiful month of October.

Update on 10/18/11: Th 9 am group will meet at Ross Common…
UPDATE 10/17/11: Brought my finish line equipment and display clock to work the finish line today for the first Lagunitas Grade School XC race. Then along with Tom Lyons, Kelly L and volunteers we worked six races: 8th grade girls, then boys; 7th grade girls/boys and 6th grade girls/boys….. Kelly Hunt Miceli took on the challenge of Race Director for this event. She worked quickly to gather the volunteers and all the stuff needed for the race. Congrats on a successful event and afternoon Kelly!…….A perfect day for the meet punctuated with terrific enthusiasm by all the young runners and parents. Great to see. No doubt that we know where the next generation of runners are coming from when you see such a turnout as today. ….Next week on Tuesday, there’s a County championship final at IVC. If you can make it come watch these enthusiastic runners!

this Sunday I will miss the Long Run session to attend the first CROSSFIT GAMES put on by TJ’s Gym of Novato. Should be interesting!

10/18/11. TUESDAY 6;30 am gp. TEMPO from McInnis Park for mileage and tempo workout on the levees.

10/18/11 TUESDAY 9 am gp. TRACK  or TEMPO workout. Meet at Log Cabin. ( will be steady workout as I’m to meet with my Dad’s accountant at 10:30 a.m. )

10/19/11 WEDNESDAY 8:45 am. “Madison Ave Workout” at Warren’s garage/gym, 148 Madison Ave. two blocks from Civic Center, take  2nd left off N. San Pedro Road (Washington Ave), right at end of the block.

10/20/11. THURSDAY 8:45 a.m. group. TEMPO with Hill Repeats this time…Meet at Ross Common. We’ll be heading into Phoenix lake area again with a few variations on the workout…

10/22/11 SATURDAY. 8 am? ED’s TRACK SESSION at Novato HS. 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (on 2′, 1/2′), 600 (200), 600 (200), 2 x 400 , 2 x 200 (200); finish with something different for developing leg spring: perform broad jump burpees (do the squat down part, but instead of jumping up-do a broad jump going for distance) repeat across width of field.

10/22/11 SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. KEES HILL REPEATS / Key Exercises for power, speed and a balanced development. We meet at base of Villa Marin hill entry road located across from west side of NGate Shopping Center, but park in NGate parking lot. Do warm-up earlier so you’re ready to go at 7:30 a.m. Should be over in half hour. NOTE: the board of directors for Villa Marin have been aware we’re running on their entry road. Their concern: One of us getting hit by a car going up or down the hill. So we must remember to keep to the right running up and coming down the hill! We’ll have to be insistent on the safety, for good reason, if we want to keep this location..Thank you in advance for listening.

Weekend of 10/22 – 10/23 Emphasis on long run training…Should be 19-21 miler. Perhaps the Nicasio loop or Bear Valley loop, or YMCA-SRafael-Montecito-Loch Lomond-McNears-China Camp-Civic Center and back loop. Those keeping with the XC races, half marathons, 10K’s keep the 13 miler as long run. I will be at Crossfit Games to check that out and will miss giving aid this time, but the above loops have adequate water stops along the way, so shouldn’t be a problem.
MALCOLM is running the 21M loop from Nicasio at 7 a.m. on Sunday; double-check with him…

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Week of 10/10/11: workouts,

Hi Folks,
Just back with Kevin, Gayle, Dave at Ironman Hawaii. That is one tough, hot, humid, windy event! The bike course winds through barren lava fields, has long rolling hills and the upgrade to Hawii, the turnaround point,  is a climb several miles long. Then, in addition to hot, humid weather, the headwinds hit you in both directions! By the time you dismount from the bike and begin the marathon you’re fried and tired of being buffeted by the wind. The marathon, for most competitors, starts during the heat of the afternoon, and is not an easy course either featuring, flat, some good hills, and extra warm sections.  The winner, Craig Alexander of Australia, still managed to set a course record of 8:03:56 after a 51:56 swim and 4:24:05 bike, 2:44:30 marathon.  The top woman, Christie Wellington of Great Britain, who two weeks ago sustained a bad bike crash, managed to come back from a 21 minute deficit and win the event with a 8:55:08 (61:03 swim, 4:56:53 bike and 2:52:41 marathon): what a determined competitor she is! (She hates to lose). So my hats off to all those who complete this tough triathlon under such conditions!

> THIS WEEK: Those training for the CIM and Quad Dipsea events are putting 2-3 days in a row with “Medium” distance runs totaling 24-28 miles and strength work (Saturday am Hill Repeats & Crossfit). The following weekend we’ll have you running the Nicasio Loop 21 miler or other long run courses to keep with our twice per month long program..2). Ed’s Track Session on Sat is at San Marin HS instead of Novato HS due to football games.

10/11/11 Tuesday 6:30 am group. TEMPO. China Camp (meet Buck’s Landing pull-off area). 2M w-up, 1,5m pickup; .5M easy. Repeat

10/11/11. Tuesday.9am group. Mileage day + Hills. Meet at log cabin, go to beach and back, then at Marincello Hill: 2′ up/ 1′ down easy x 2

10/12/11. Wednesday 8:45am Madison Av Gym workout is on.

10/13/11. Thursday 8:45 am 12K run with longer hill repeats and tempo. Meet at Ross Common.

10/15/11. Saturday 8 am. Ed’s Track Session at San Marin HS ( note change for this week due to football game): 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (2′, 2 1/2′); 600 (200), 800 (400), 1000 (200), 1200 (400)…this is an ascending ladder and needs to be paced carefully: emphasis on strength later in the race/workout.

10/15/11. SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. Kees’ HILL REPEATS/Crossfit endurance workout. Meet at Villa Marin, located across from west side of Northgate Shopping Center; park in NGate lot parking. Do warm-up prior to 7:30 a.m. start time so you are warmed-up and ready to go.

1) Mtn Cliimbers x 20: 2 x Sprint – Short – Half –Sprint’

2) KB/DB Thrusters x 12:  Short – 2 x Sprint – Short – Long

3) “V – Ups x 12:  Sprint – 2 x Short – Sprint – Short

4)  6 R/ 6 L DB Snatches:  Half  – Short – 3 X Sprint

10/15/11 – 10/16/11  WEEKEND training for CIM…Two “Medium Days” of mileage, i.e. 10 or less on each day totaling to a 20M two-day or 3 days for 26M…..The idea is to keep the distance controlled, but couple of days in a row with 3-4 pickups during each run.

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Week of 10/3/11: Workouts, Sat HRepeats, Kona next Sat..

Hi Folks,

> I’m away Friday -Tuesday, but workouts will continue. Warren will head up Sat Hill Repeats. (he’s coming back from East coast Th night) ..need folks to check in on Sandy too for a meal and any errands; I got her home at 9 pm on Wednesday…I won’t be at 9 a.m. workout group to get errands done…..keep checking in on this blog for updates….Kevin Porter will be doing Ironman Hawaii on Sat 10/8/11; you can track his progress and the leaders by going to Ironmanlive.com. Gayle S, Dave C and I will be there to cheer him on: it’s a very tough, hot, humid and windy triathlon.

NEW At ARCH RIVAL:  Waterproof running shoes by Brooks, Nike for men and women; more varied colors of Nike Frees’, our youth and adult cool looking Nike Basketball shoes are just in; we have for the Crossfit and gym training/ step classes, with low to flat heel and lightweight footgear: the Innov-8 shoes, NB “Minimus”, and NM “Crossfit” 871’s and the Asics 170 XTrainers

10/4/11. TUESDAY 6:30 a.m. TEMPO /Mileage now from McInnis Park (in paved parking lot of golf course instead of  the Park & Ride at Smith Ranch Exit). Run will be over the levees by the golf course.

10/4/11 TUESDAY 9 am TRACK . Meet at log cabin off Tenn Valley Road…we’ll warm-up on bike path, go to Tam track and get in speed-work followed by cool-down on bike path back to start.

3 sets of :  600 (200)  200 (200); then 3 sets of 400 (2 1’2′) (200).

10/4/11 TUESDAY 6:30 p.m. HOUR RUN at San Rafael HS. A great tempo workout, so I recommend it! Bring a lap counter to keep track for you. You can also run 30 minutes; either way it’s good practice for pacing and a self-test as to what you can cover in the designated time period.

10/5/11 WEDNESDAY 8:45 a.m. “Madison Ave Gym” at 148 Madison Ave gym – Warren’s place: two blocks on N. San Pedro Rd, go left on Washington Ave, to end of block, right turn to close to end of this dead-end street.
We’ll do a Dual Circuit and other training to balance out your running program and learn key lifts.

10/6/11 THURSDAY 8:45 am. group. TEMPO / MILEAGE about 7M, from Ross Common. I will not be there today: Sandy just got home last night…You know what to do….We’ll start with warm-up to Phoenix then include long tempo intervals / rest sections and more. Works out to be a good course.

10/8/11 SATURDAY 7:30 am ED’s TRACK SESSION at Novato HS..Same as Tuesday workout.

10/8/11 SATURDAY 7:30 a.m. Kees’ HILL REPEATS at Villa Marin – across the street from the west side of NGate Shopping Center at base of the hill by Villa Marin. Park in NGate Shopping Center parking, do warm-up earlier so that you are ready to go at 7:30 a.m… Warren will head up the workout; be sure to have him help you with how to improve speed and uphill power. We’ll have the equipment there, tires for some pulls and DB’s/kettlebells…REMEMBER, keep to right side going up and down the hill when running the hill repeats because service cars do go up to the Villa Marin..

1) Mtn Climbers x 20  + 5 Prisoner Squats: then Short – Sprint – Short  – Long — Sprint;

2) 4 x 2 Lateral Shuffle (for hip strength/IT band): Half  – 2 x Sprint — 2 x Short

3)  R/L Side Plank & Arm Reach x 8:  Sprint – Half  2 x Short –  Sprint;

4)  R/L  DB  Power Snatch x 12:  Sprint  – Half  – 2 x Short  – Sprint

5)  R/L  x 3 TGU w/ Water Bottle or Light Wt: Short – Sprint  – Short  – Sprint.

Finish with:  2 x tire pull,  and bear crawl.

WEEKEND training for CIM group. Long Run day….Hoping most of you can do either the out/back on Bear Valley trail or those doing 18-20 do the Bear Valley-Limantour Road-Youth Hostel-Coast Camp-Arch Rock loop course: it’s a terrific course! If not I hope to post where people will be meeting before I go, so let me know…

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Week of 9/26/11: Workouts, RRGrade, training tips

Hi Folks,

Miles, my site webmaster, has made it easier to get to this blog by typing in: http://www.keesfitness.org.

update:  New WORLD RECORD for the marathon: 2:03:38 – a legal WR time at the Berlin Marathon!  Patrick Makau of Kenya ran a first half of 61:45 / then 61:53 for the 2nd half with a powerful 5K surge at 25K – 30K in 14:20! 25K or 15.5M was run in 1:13:18….Pretty darn amazing because that’s 4:43 / mile for the marathon!

> Okay, something remarkable to see and what examples of core strength on YouTube: A) Cirque du Soleil – Saltimbanco – Plastic 2 the Alexis Bros demo balance-strengh-core and near the end an example of incredible hamstring I’ve ever seen…

B) Cirque du Soleil – Quidam:  at about the 8th minute you’ll see a Turkish Getup performed with live person as the “weight” to be held overhead. They make that look easy!

For those running HHR Half, Clarksburg, Quad Dipsea,  or CIM it’s a weekend of two “medium length runs” . One will be RRGrade on Sunday with a moderate distance on Saturday.

> For those of who have been doing Box Jumps will appreciate the marvelous way Adrian Wilson 6′ 3″ and 230 lbs,  jumps over a 66″ height with only a 3-step approach on:  You Tube  Adrian Wilson Jumps 66 inches

9/27/11 TUESDAY 6:30 am. TEMPO from China Camp (Buck’s Landing dirt pull-off area). I’m working this extra day; I may not be there. But may want to do Shoreline Trail with a few pickups, then when you hop onto the road do a 2M Tempo/ .5M easy, then 1M Tempo to finish.If I make it we can adjust the workout…

9/27/11 TUESDAY 9 a.m. HILL REPEATS, Meet at Log Cabin.We’ll likely emphasize shorter hill repeats. (Next week we’ll do the track workout…)

9/28/11 WEDNESDAY 8:30/8:45 a.m. MADISON AVE GYM at Warren’s garage/gym..circuit at #148 Madison Ave (two blocks from Civic Center on N. San Pedro Rd, 2nd left Washington Ave, to end of block, go right).

9/29/11. THURSDAY 8:45 a.m. group. TEMPO. Meet at Ross Common for tempo cruising intervals/hill work over a 7 mile course after warm-up run toward Phoenix Lake.


A/B gps:  2 x 200 (200), 4 x 800 (200), 1 x 1000 (200)

C gp:  2 x 150 (50), 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (3′), 2 x 800 (200)

Weekend of 10/1 and 10/2/11 Two Medium day runs

10/1/11 SATURDAY get in 6-8 miles easy and/or Sat am CrossfitEndurance session.  We’re backing off the mileage a bit this weekend and doing two days totaling 18-20 miles (eventually 22 -26 miles) during the weekend. You’ll still be recovering from the 21 miler last weekend, so don’t go too long…

10/2/11 SUNDAY  7:30 a.m. RRGrade Run 8M or “Tamalp D’Huez“. Meet on Corte Madera Ave by the police /fire station crosswalk on Corte Madera Ave , a block up from the MV Grocery store. Bring a duffel bag with change of clothes, water, etc that I will take to the top of this steady 5-7% grade run. A must for Half marathoners, full marathoners, Quad Dipsea runners. Let me know if you need ride down from top ($5) at coachkees@yahoo.com, okay? I will need a head count. (so far Anna V, Kevin P, Gayle S, Jeanie S, Dominic J, Gerald, Leigh K. (Malcolm , Kevin running up/biking down) ..)..Those of you running Quad in November should get in on this workout…

Next Sunday, while we are out of town , your LONG RUN session will be out at Bear Valley for my 16M – 30 K (18.6 miles) loop: counterclockwise that includes Limantour Road for a steady 2.5-3M uphill  to top by Sky Trail. Then take Laguna trail to Hostel, to Coast Camp, then to Arch Rock and the 4.5M back in to parking lot.

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